Thursday, March 12, 2009

EVGA Launches New Loaner Program

Popular computer component maker EVGA has recently launched an exciting new program, the EVGA Loaner Program or ELP for short. ELP will give several lucky registered users the chance to try out various EVGA products for free in their home for up to two weeks.

Here's how it works:

  1. You must register on the ELP page, you currently have two program options
  2. You will automatically be placed into a waiting list to have a chance to partake in the EVGA Loaner Program. EVGA will randomly choose Participants who will receive the loaner product
  3. If selected you will be notified by EVGA and your status will change and update on your My ELP Page
  4. You will then have 14 Calendar days, starting from the time the product is received to test and provide feedback for the loaner product.
  5. Participants who receive the loaner product are required to post feedback comments on My ELP Page within 7 days from shipping out product to next participant.
Now here is the down side - you'll be responsible for shipping costs to ship the tester product out to the next tester. You will also be responsible for EVGA property while you have it in your possession and you will be billed and obligated to pay for the product should it be kept longer than the 14 day review, or if product is damaged while in your possession.

While the responsibility might not be the biggest of issues the shipping terms might be a deal killer for some. Click here or a full list of details as well as FAQ and requirements. For now the only two products available in the Loaner Program are the EVGA X58 Classified motherboard, and a 22" Samsung monitor with 3D Vision Glasses.

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