Sunday, March 15, 2009

WeFollow, The New Twitter Directory From Digg Founder Kevin Rose

The premise is a simple one, the interface easy to use and very user friendly, what is it you might ask? WeFollow - a new user powered Twitter directory from Digg founder Kevin Rose.

For inclusion into the WeFollow directory simply tweet @wefollow with up to 3 hashtags that represent the categories you would like to be listed under. WeFollow utilizes your @replies to organize users into categories represented by each set of hashtags.

Common hashtags include #tech, #blogs, #blogger, #entrepreneur, and #socialmedia. Each user submitted is then listed under the respective category in order according to the most followers.

It would appear as though the site has quickly gained a following. Just 22 hrs after launch and they already have nearly 4,200 followers. It would appear, and rightfully so, that several of the categories were self-populated. With several celebrities and top bloggers/blogs already showing inclusion.

Taking a page from Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land, I've been playing around with our WeFollow hashstags. As noted above you will only be included in three categories so make sure you choose the best three. If you try to use more than three tags, only the last three will be used by WeFollow.

I selected #blogs, #blogger and #tech however you can use any of the top categories or create your own. The top categories are based on the total number of followers that everyone in a particular category has, so these will change over time as more people use the service. Obviously so will your ranking within each category. We were listed at 56 in bloggs and too far down the list in both blogger and tech for me to keep searching so I tried #blogs, #tech and #geek.

Inclusion into the directory seems almost instantanious as does your re-classification. We were moved to #geeks almost instantly, where we are now listed at 28th.

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