Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Woz Is Down But Not Out

Earlier this week Apple co-founder Steve "The Woz" Wozniak made is debut as one of the 13 celebrity contestants on Dancing with the Stars. His less than stellar dancing debut garnered harsh criticism, only scoring a 13 out of 30 potential points from the panel of judges.

Returning to his roots The Woz has taken the fight to remain on the show to the tech level. Utilizing support from sites like and, even setting up a Facebook and Twitter pages Vote for Woz and VoteWoz on Twitter.

Yesterday Geeks everywhere recieved a bit of bad new however. In an e-mail posted to his Facebook page, Wozniak said that he went to the doctor on Tuesday, shortly after the season's debut. The trip revealed that the Woz has fractured his foot. Not to fret however in true manly fashion the Woz plans to Geek-it-up and dance through the pain!

Wozniak said the doctor told him he could continue dancing, with a few caveats.

"He said that in a case like mine, similar to a pro sports athlete, where it was very important to continue for a livelihood, that it might be possible, with risk, to continue," Wozniak said. "We reached a compromise. I would wear a removable cast except during practice and I would halt everything if I got acute pain."

The Woz tells ComputerWorld we will see more of the kind of dancing that drew applause from the in-studio audience, but the scorn of judge Bruno Tonioli, who said Wozniak's dancing was "like a Teletubby going mad in a Gay Pride parade."

"I promise to make the next dance wild and fast and all-over and crazy and fun, just like the first one," said Wozniak. "If the judges are out of sync with what the viewers like to see, so be it. The show can always get new judges."

I for one don't watch the show Dancing With the Stars, it airs opposite of my Geek favorite Chuck which is in the middle of it's second season. I did however download the show just to see what the buzz was about. I've gotta say I hope Steve sticks around for a few more shows, if not for his dancing prowess then for the pure entertainment value.

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