Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OCZ Wants You To Do-It-Yourself With New 10.1" Neutrino Netbook

Add on your own hard drive, ram and operating system and you'll be set with OCZ's newest offering, the DIY 10.1" Neutrino Netbook.

OCZ Technology Introduces the Neutrino Netbook, the Latest Solution in their Award-Winning DIY Initiative

ocz neutrino netbook

San Jose, Calif.—March 30, 2008—OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, components, and systems, today unveiled the Neutrino netbook, their latest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution. Building on OCZ’s award-winning DIY line, users ranging from hardware enthusiasts to mainstream professionals can partake in configuring and building their own personalized ultra-mobile solution, complete with everything they need in a portable companion.

“There are many consumers that desire the blend of essential functionalities and an ultra compact form factor, and our new Neutrino Do-It-Yourself netbooks based on Intel Atom technology allows users to design and configure their very own solution tailored to their unique needs,” commented Alex Mei, CMO of the OCZ Technology Group. “The Neutrino DIY netbook puts the control back in the hands of consumers by allowing them to configure a feature rich netbook with their own memory, storage, and preferred OS into a reasonably priced go-anywhere computing solution.”

Based on the Intel Atom processor, the 10.1” Neutrino was developed to push the envelope in the growing area of netbooks as the first DIY offering. Proving that good things come in small packages, the Neutrino provides all the day-to-day necessities for on-the-go traveling, education, office or home use. Equipped with a built-in camera and microphone, Neutrino will expand your horizons through communications between family, friends, and colleagues.

OCZ’s visionary DIY initiative was inspired by enthusiasts, but created for everyone. The Neutrino allows users to have complete control of the cost/performance ratio of their netbook and makes the entire procedure simple and easy to follow. Unlike previous OCZ DIY solutions, the Neutrino comes equipped with the CPU, but enables users to maximize netbook-computing efficiency by supporting up to 2GB of memory and hard drive or SSD capacities up to 250GB.

For support unlike any other DIY mobile solution, OCZ’s program makes it easy and convenient to build your own notebook by detailing validated components, the assembling process, and offering direct online and toll-free support for true peace of mind from beginning to end.

For more information regarding the OCZ Neutrino 10" DIY Notebook, please visit the OCZ product page here

Source: OCZ Press Release

My thoughts:

I've always been big on DYI computer building, desktops however are a completely different animal than laptops or netbooks. The small form factor and cramped work space make working on these things a serious PITA. Adding in RAM and a HDD really isn't that difficult but why would I want to bother.

Traditionally DIY projects are meant for customization. Since all you are adding in is a couple sticks of ram, storage and your choice of operating systems you really aren't customizing much. Most of us geeks change out RAM anyways so all you are really customizing is your OS and storage capacity.

In most cases its going to be cheaper and a lot easier buying a pre-assembled netbook and then dumping the OS if you don't like your current options. Since OCZ has not released pricing or availability information at this I can't comment on the value of the machine. But I'd have to say it would have to be priced very well for me to want to hassle with it.

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