Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not All Suspicious Emails Are Bad

Everyone gets them, those too good to be true emails, or those realistic looking phishing emails from banks, PayPal or some other source. If like me most the time you just trash them without even bothering to read them, after all we all know they are scams! But occasionally you do get one of those emails that might be worth reading.

This past weekend I received two rather suspicious looking emails from Newegg. The first email was titled " - invoice" the other a " -UPS tracking", nothing too suspicious if you had ordered something, I hadn't! In the back of my head I was thinking if some got into my account I might have to close accounts, cancel credit cards ect ect.

I'm a big fan of Newegg and have done my fair share of shopping there so seeing a Newegg email pop-up isn't all that suspicious. But when you haven't ordered anything seeing an invoice is a little odd. Thinking it was probably just a phishing scam I was going to trash it. Instead I decided I had better check them out just in case someone had hacked into my account or somehow gotten my password and actually made a couple of orders. As remote as it might seem it is possible so after consideration I figured I better check it out.

I opened the UPS tracking letter first and see an order confirmation for a Newegg Black Baseball Cap with "Canon" Logo. I was a little bit shocked at first as the item shows a price of $9.95, I know I hadn't ordered anything so I could help to wonder what was going on. Then of course I open the second email which shows they sent me the item as a free gift. Wow what a relief what was!

Wow was I relieved, I really didn't want to have to cancel credit cards or track down the source of a possible leak.

Big kudos to Newegg for the free hat, even if I don't wear hats it was a nice thought. In the future a little heads up might be nice, you know instead of just sending out an invoice.

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