Monday, October 06, 2008

Apple Hits 10 Million iPhone Mark

Mac Observer has found that Apple has sold an estimated 10 million iPhones, reaching and potentially surpassing Steve Jobs' original stated goal.

By collecting iPhone IMEI numbers and recording them on a big Google speadsheet, AFB and Investor Village’s AAPL Sanity were able to determine that that Apple has made just about 9.2 million iPhone 3Gs thus far.

Estimates show that Apple has likely sold something close to 7.6 million 3G iPhones since its launch in June. That, when added to the 2.42 million first generation iPhones sold this year before the 3G’s release, means Apple is past the 10 million mark, as Apple 2.0 points out.
Its not likely that Apple will be releasing a press release just yet. These numbers are a bit skewed. They represent iPhone manufacturing numbers, not actual sales numbers. These calculations don’t take into account Apple and AT&T store inventory, display/demo and replacement units. However it looks like Apple has come pretty close to reaching the 10 Million mark, if not by now they certainly will by the end of the year.

iPhone users can contribute to the project by entering the first five characters of your iPhone’s serial number and your IMEI number (minus the last two digits) at AFB and on the Google speadsheet.

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