Thursday, October 30, 2008

T-Mobile G1 Unlocked

Only a week after the release of the Google Android based T-Mobile G1 the guys over at have come up with a way to unlock the phone for use on any mobile network.

For $23 will provide you with the unlock codes. You'll need to provide them with your IMEI number which can be found by pressing *#06# in the dialer, or by going into your settings, selecting “About phone” and then selecting “Status”. The IMEI number then can be found about half way down, it is 15 digits long.

After that its as easy as inserting a non-T-Mobile SIM card and the G1 will prompt for an unlock code, enter the unlock code provided to you and hit unlock. You will then know the device is unlocked with a notification that reads “Network Unlock Successful.”

For more on unlocking your G1 checkout the video below from

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