Friday, October 03, 2008

WriteSomething - Endless Senseless Collaborative Book

It just so happens I Stumbledupon this site one night on accident. I meant to click a bookmark on my toolbar instead hitting the Stumbleupon button. I was dropped onto a page of tangled sentences, words and phrases that I thought had no relative meaning, I mean after all a black and white page with a bunch of random sentences doesn't and all to often misspelled words doesn't mean much.

While its true taken at face value they really have little meaning once you look at the whole you you gain a greater understanding of what you are viewing. Randoms thoughts of random people from around the world. If this doesn't offer an interesting insight nothing can.

About the site:

The authors (creators to be more exact) created WriteSomething the "Endless senseless interactive book", as a project with a plan to create the longest web page in the world. Then take those pages created entirely of random mussing of passeries and create a printed book

"This is an experiment. Our aim is to make a book that will be created by spontaneous and unlimited creativity of our visitors. The book will have thousands of authors..."

The site was created January 2007 by founders Tamara Razov and Anton Petrovic, also founding members of a well-known online museum of discarded photographs,

The web page allows visitors to enter text which is immediately published without validation. Visitors do not have to think about meaning, correctness or quantity of written text. Simply type whatever comes to mind and publish it.

The project follows the automatic writing technique, where the process of writing is meant to happen very fast, without thought, so the writers themselves aren't sure what will be put on paper (or in this case, web page). The final result is a long string of sentences which are, one by one, creating the finished work. In this case the work is done by the visitor, all at random all anonymous.

Currently the page boasts some pretty impressive statistics. These statistics are updated every hour so they won't be exact. Here is a link to view the realtime stats.
  • Total number of posts: 414,126
    • Posts in Croatian language: 343,081> (82.8 %)
    • Posts in English and other languages: 71,045 (17.2 %)
  • Total number of deleted (SPAM and inappropriate) posts: 47,795
  • An average post has 64 characters
  • Overall text size: 55.8MB
  • Most posts, 6463 were published on Dec 19, 2007
  • On Mar 1, 2008 there was a recorded maximum of 4609 users online
  • Average posts per day: 651
  • Top 10 countries by posts count
    1. Croatia; 338,604 posts
    2. United States; 44,267 posts
    3. Bosnia and Herzegovina; 27,337 posts
    4. Unknown country; 7,657 posts
    5. United Kingdom; 6,962 posts
    6. India; 4,474 posts
    7. Canada; 4,193 posts
    8. Germany; 3,448 posts
    9. Serbia; 3,006 posts
    10. Slovenia; 2,000 posts

Personally I think its an interesting project. An old English teacher of mine use to make us site and do automatic witting projects and I always thought it was interesting to actually see where my own thoughts headed. This brings it to a larger scale and opens then door to show you what others are thinking.

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