Friday, October 24, 2008

Logitech Unveils Realistic Guitar Hero Controller

Logitech officially unveiled the first of their premium line of game controllers for Guitar Hero. The controller is called the Logitech Wireless Guitar Control, Premiere Edition and works only with the PS2/PS3 console.

The guitar is built to look and feel more like a real guitar than a video game controller. The neck of the guitar is real wood, the frets and tuning peg handles are metal and the fingerboard is rosewood.

Under the fret buttons, Logitech uses their rubber dome technology, used in most of their popular keyboards. The rubber dome technology makes the fret buttons quieter, meaning you'll hear less noise and more music. In addition to the normal fret buttons, the Logitech controller also features a Touch-Sensitive Neck Slider that allows player to hit notes and score points without needing to strum.

For you rockers that like to be mobile you don't have to worry, no wires will tie you down. The controller uses 2.4GHz technology promising a 30-foot range and the guitar will be powered by a pair of AA batteries, giving you a totally wireless experience.

Logitech says the guitar will be available in December for $249.99, certainly not cheap, in fact you can pick up a cheap guitar and amp for that price. Logitech is banking on you die hard fans out there, coupled with the popularity of the game, means that its likely that many of you won't mind spending serious money on controllers to make things more realistic and enjoyable.

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