Monday, October 06, 2008

eBay Selling Stumbleupon For $75million

stumbleupon logoAccording to TechCrunch eBay has enlisted the services of Deutsche Bank to unload Stumbleupon, asking price a cool $75 million.

eBay acquired Stumbleupon a little over a year ago at the price tag of $75 million so it looks as though the are just trying to get their money back. However recent reports have showed that Stumbleupon's traffic has stagnated. StumbleUpon says usage is growing at a fast clip, despite website traffic, because most users never visit the site after downloading the toolbar.

In an attempt at driving more traffic Stumbleupon has moved away from their traditional toolbar that users must download to "Stumble" onto user-recommended content. Instead opting for a web-based browser toolbar which allows users to use Stumbleupon without registering or installing a toolbar in your browser. Just visit StumbleUpon's new homepage stumble a page and the toolbar will show as a small frame above pages.

stumbleupon toolbar

Additionally StumbleUpon is introducing a partner program for sites that will take advantage of the web toolbar. Partner sites like National Geographic, Rolling Stone, and The Huffington Post can integrate a StumbleUpon toolbar into their site that "stumbles" content from within the site. The new program will increase page views on partner sites by introducing users to new content, while helping StumbleUpon reach a broader audience increasing the amount of people looking at their ad content.

StumbleUpon’s 2008 revenues are estimated to be $6 million or so with an incredibly high advertising satisfaction rates. For every 20 or 30 Web pages users see when they click the "stumble" button they are served one paid result. Approximately 75 percent of its paid results have a positive rating, compared to an overall favorability rating of 85 percent for its non-paid content.

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