Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Possible Steve Fossett Items Found

Items possibly belonging to missing aviator Steve Fossett have been found by hikers in a remote area of California more than one year after his mysterious disappearance.

Hiker Preston Morrow found a pilots license and a gliders license, both issued by the FAA, plus the membership card for the NAA along with a weathered Nautica brand sweatshirt and $1005 cash. The items were found two miles east of the Minarets near Mammoth Lakes.

Fossett mysteriously disappeared on a solo flight more than a year ago and has since been legally declared dead at the request of his wife. Since his disappearance a host of federal, state and local agencies, as well as several private groups have launched one of the most intensive hunts in national history.

A handful of searchers made a flyover of the Mammoth Lakes region over the past year, based on an unconfirmed reported sighting of his plane in the area, but found nothing. Today's hunt is the first extensive search of that area.

The fact that no trace of Fossett or his plane was found after his disappearance have given rise to numerous conspiracy theories, with British newspapers in July speculating he could have faked his death. (read the story here)

More on the found items:
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