Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nike Hindsight Concept Riding Glasses

nike hindsight glasses
Not only do these things look uber cool but they are super functional, providing users with an additional 25 degrees of peripheral vision.

The Nike Hindsight concept cyclist's glasses from designer Billy May are designed to do one simple thing: provide a little more field of view that should stop cyclists from getting hurt on the roads. At the extended side of each lens is a carefully arranged high-power Fresnel lens that captures the view to the sides of the wearer's head, and sends it into the peripheral vision.

nike hindsight concept glasses

While these are just a concept and not in production at this time they are a very cool idea. I can see these used in all sorts of applications, skiing/snowboarding, cycling (of course) and running or jogging. Hopefully it's a concept that'll be a reality soon.


I've been asked several times if I know where these can be bought or how much they cost. As mentioned these are a "concept" design only and are not currently in production. They are not an actual product therefore they can not be bought.

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