Friday, October 17, 2008

Google Adds New Features To iGoogle

Google has released its latest upgrade of iGoogle with new gadgets and features that promise to make your Google personalized homepage a little more friendly.

"We've rolled out an updated design for iGoogle to all U.S. users, which includes full canvas views for gadget and support for full feed reading," said iGoogle engineer Matt Gundersen in a statement on the Official Google blog.

Full canvas views is the new feature that when clicked on will expand your widgets across the entire page, making it much easier to use each individual widget. Google has said not all of their widgets support full canvas views yet but they are working on updating the ones that don't. Here is a full list of the gadgets that currently do.

Along with the new canvas view users will notice that the old tabs at the top of iGoogle have been replaced with a lefthand navigation bar. There is also a new Gmail gadget that lets users read full emails and perform simple actions like send or reply to emails without leaving iGoogle.

Currently the upgrade is only for U.S. users, but Google has promised that the iGoogle upgrade will be available in other countries shortly. The are also promising more canvas gadgets created by developers and more new features on iGoogle soon.

Update - Oct 18th, today Google posted a tour of all the new iGoogle features


  1. Google,

    Please get rid of the tab on the left, were you all insane. It has made using Igoogle a nightmare to use on a laptop. Every blog and forum I have been on has everyone hating it. Make it an option or just make it go away!

  2. I read about a site on John Chow today called - its like iGoogle but better cuz you can add you own bookmarks and the bookmarks can be websites not just gadgets and RSS feeds although you can upload your favorite RSS feeds too. Its free and totally customizable. Plus you don't have to login to see your bookmars and RSS feeds


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