Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MySpace Launches Profile 2.0

MySpace continues to add new function and features to its site and now comes the launch of a new profile and editor, Profile 2.0. MySpace doesn't seem to feel it’s ready for mainstream U.S. use yet, so they’ve launched it for trial to Canadian users however anyone can try it out with the steps listed below.

The process to activate the update is fairly simple. Begin by logging out of your account, then visit MySpace Canada and log in. You’ll notice a thin message in the top center column of your user profile, just above the status and mood box. Click the corresponding link, and another link, followed by yet one more link, and you’re in.

The new editor seems easy enough to use and it cuts out the need to know any coding. You have the option of choosing a theme or using the advanced edit which will allow you to change your backgrounds, borders and fonts as you'd like.

The layout editor will allow you to move your modules around and arrange them however you want. You can select to stick with the traditional two columns, use a single column or use three columns. Then you can move things around like your about me, blog or music player. Withing each module there is also the option to remove that module entirely, edit its visibility to allow friends only or for modules with multiple sections (ie interests) you can add/remove visible sections.

I've been tinkering with my personal profile for a few days, and so far I like the new options. Its nice to be able to move modules around to anywhere I want them, and its great leaving some of the css behind. But I see a few things I don't like and I'm not sure if they are bugs or complete changes.

For one no matter what I do I can't apply a full size background image. I've tried with both the editor and direct css, neither work with large image sizes. You can use the editor to add smaller images that will be tilled but that appears to be it. I haven't tested the size limitation but the image I was using was 1024x768.

With the recent release I found the work around. In the CSS editor you apply the appropriate CSS for your background and it works fine. You do not need to add style tags, just add in your CSS:

    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-attachment: fixed

Also I don't see an option to change border styles. I've tried a few different methods using the CSS editor but so far no joy. There doesn't seem to be any option for directly adding divs, or any other html for that matter, to individual modules. For instance adding in scroll boxes or extra headings. So it looks like some of the things people like to add in might be forcefully removed.

If you do give it a try and decide you don't like the new options or the editor and want to revert to Profile 1.0, you can open the editor by searching for the ‘Customize Profile’ button within the ‘Profile’ drop-down menu. (Don’t click ‘Edit Profile’ or ‘Themes & Layouts.’) Once the editor is opened click ‘Undo.’ This will trigger a pop-up that requests you to choose from three options: “Undo current changes,” “Start from scratch,” and “Switch to Profile 1.0.” Take your pick.

Tom has officially announced the roll out of Profile 2.0 to users in the U.S.

Nov 10, 12:00am PT

Today we launched Profile 2.0. The new profile is optional and you can go back to your old profile if you don't like 2.0. Profile 2.0 lets you hide specific profile modules (like comments or friends), lets you drag and drop modules wherever you want, and you can even choose to show parts of your profile to specific friend categories. For those who prefer the simplicity of one-click themes over advanced customization, we've created over 25 profile styles to choose from including Transporter 3, Punisher War Zone, and The Spirit.

Check it out here or click on the "Edit Profile" link above this message to find out how to convert. After converting your profile, the Profile drop down menu will have a new link "Customize Profile" which returns you to the editor with one click.

Check out my blog for more info.

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