Thursday, October 02, 2008

Steve Fossett Wreckage Found, But No Body

Yesterday we reported that items possibly belonging to millionaire adventurist Steve Fossett were found in a remote area of California near Mammoth Lakes.

The items which were found by hiker Preston Morrow, were discovered approximately 1/4 mile away from were searchers found the wrecked plane.

"They're definitely authentic belongings, it was his pilot license, his drivers license, it was also a membership card to the national aeronautic association which gave Stephen an award a couple of years ago," said Sir Richard Branson, Fossett's friend and fellow adventurer.

Today Madera County Sheriff John Anderson confirms that the shattered remains of Fossett's single-engine Bellanca had been spotted during an aerial search of the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains in California late Wednesday.

Rescuers later reached the plane on foot and confirmed it was Fossett's aircraft but found no human remains at the crash site. The crash site was described as "indicative of a high-impact crash, which appears to be consistent with a non-survivable accident."

Most of the plane's fuselage disintegrated on impact, and the engine was found several hundred feet away. The craft appears to have hit the mountainside head-on at a high rate of speed.

The fact that no human remains were found and that his personal items where located so far away have led many to wonder if its possible Fossett faked his death. Sheriff John Anderson said "It's quite often if you don't find remains within a few days, because of animals, you'll find nothing at all."

We may never know for sure what happened, but I guess the lack of remains will leave the door open to conspiracy theorist. The NTSB has said it could be weeks, perhaps months (if ever) before the cause of the accident was determined.

Source: Associated Press

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