Friday, October 31, 2008

More Bones, Personal Effects Found At Fossett Crash Site

Madera County officials announced Thursday that searchers found two large human bones, a pair of tennis shoes, credit cards and Steve Fossett's Illinois state driver's license about half a mile east of a rugged spot where the millionaire's plane was discovered earlier this month.

The bones appear to be human, and DNA testing will determine whether they belong to the adventurer, Madera County Sheriff John Anderson said at a news conference. (view video) This is the second reported discovery of bones near the crash site. DNA tests on those bone fragments showed that the fragments weren't human remains.

Animal chew marks were found on the driver's license and the shoes, Anderson said. He said the marks indicate that "animals possibly [moved] the body."

These latest items were discovered a little more than a half-mile from where Fossett's plane wreckage was found on October 1 and about a quarter-mile from where hiker Preston Morrow reported to have discovered the aviation identification cards with Fossett's name and $1,000 in cash in late September.

Its still uncertain whether or not Fossett died in the crash. But the discovery of more bones makes it more and more likely. Before this week's discovery, Anderson said, officials could not be certain that Fossett was dead.

"We could not categorically state that Steve Fossett perished in that crash because the only conclusive evidence our department had were those two aviation identification cards and $1,000 in cash," the sheriff said in a written statement.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been investigating the wreck, which was originally described as an "unsurvivable crash".

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