Saturday, January 03, 2009

Power Twitter, A Must Have FireFox Add-on For Twitter Users

Power Twitter, an add-on for Firefox created by Narendra Rocherolle at 83 Degrees, was released earlier this week. Power Twitter adds features direct to the Twitter Web interface including:
    -search scoped to a specific user
    -status history peeking on mouseover
    -Facebook status updates
    -inline YouTube, Flickr, and TwitPic
    -url expansion
    -url translation to page titles, for those tinyurls
    -open web update (news feed) mapping

One of the Power Twitter features I liked most was the added functionality to the @replies feature. Currently you can only see Twitter messages directed to you that begin with @[yourusername]. With Power Twitter you see all messages that contain your user name, fixing something I see as a big hole on Twitter.

Inline viewing of photos as well as url translation was also a major plus. There is no longer a need to click off site to view photos, and you don't have to blinfly click those TinyURLs to see where they go.

I did experience a few issues with testing, but nothing that would make me want to uninstall it. For one the mouseover peeking wasn't working right. The pop-up was there but it an errors message about Twitter RSS feeds showed. There was also a few issues with slower load times. This was a bit annoying as I experienced a little lag here and there but nothing serious.

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