Thursday, January 01, 2009

iPhone Dev-Team Releases New iPhone 3G unlock

The iPhone Dev-Team has released the 0.9.1 beta version of their yellowsn0w iPhone 3G unlock application. The Dev-Team originally announced "yellowsnow" back in December, but they hadn't completed the application until today.

The unlock works exclusively with baseband 02.28.00. This baseband is provided by the latest firmware update (2.2) from Apple. You’ll need to upgrade to this release using iTunes and then use QuickPwn to activate etc. There are plenty of tutorials about this on iclarified, bigboss, and other established tutorial sites.

Yellowsnow is very easy to use and install, here is a pretty easy to follow guide:
  1. Once your phone is Jail Borken, re-check your firmware versions to verify you are on Version 2.2 and Modem Firmware 2.28.00. If everything checks out start Cydia and add the dev teams source:


  2. Install Yellowsn0w and reboot with your SIM card installed, wait about 90 seconds for carrier lock. If you can not connect pull the SIM and try again.
Since this is a beta I suggest checking the iPhone Dev-Team blog frequently for updates. Here is a list of current know issues as reported:

  1. If you are in the U.S. and are trying this with T-Mobile, you must turn off the 3G switch in Settings. Also if you are good with the command line, you can make it much easier by adding the line -q right after the /usr/bin/yellowsn0w line in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.iphone-dev.yellowsn0w.plist (that’s and advanced tip, hopefully someone will make a boosprefs type of tool for it)
  2. No PIN support yet. Remember how we said this was beta? Well we’re still working out the flow for SIMs with PINs enabled. Please disable any PIN you may have on that SIM before trying yellowsn0w, for now.
  3. The unlock will silently quit on anything other than baseband 02.28.00. It detects the wrong version and just quits to avoid any damage. Please double check your Modem Firmware setting in Settings->General->About.
  4. For ankle-biters that are pointlessly reversing the application the source is here.

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