Friday, January 02, 2009

Sparkling Wine Suggestion: Dolce Vita Prosecco

dolce vita prosseco
I've never been much of a Champagne drinker and when I have its usually just whatever is at the store and easy to grab. Well this year for NYE I was in the mood to try something new. Not wanting to settle for what was at the store I headed over to bevmo to checkout their selection.

I looked online and saw a few varieties I hadn't tried yet, and had a couple ideas in mind. But it was last min. and when I got there they were sold out.

As I was standing there starring blankly at all the bottles on the shelves one of the employees came over with another customer. They had been looking for the same sparkling wine I was, however obviously they were out of luck. The customer then asked about recommendations for possibly a spumante or something else similar.

The first recommendation was the Dolce Vita Prosecco. After listening to a few other suggestions I decided that I'd settle for trying it out. I had never heard of a Prosecco, but figured I couldn't really go wrong.

About 10mins to Midnight we popped the cork. None of our group had ever tried a Prosecco so it was new for all of us. The wine was very pleasant with good aromas and a slightly sweet taste, not overly dry.

Prosecco is comparable to a Brut, however we found this particular wine to be a little sweeter than most bruts. There was a light finish with little to no after taste.

Everyone in the group was agreeable that this was a good selection. We all agreed that we'd definitely buy it again and add it as a recommendation to other friends.

To find out more on the Prosecco variety checkout the Prosseco Wikipedia entry.

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