Monday, December 22, 2008

G2 Rumors Seen As Unlikely

Rumors posted on Cell Phone Signal about a new T-Mobile G2 being released in January are starting to seem more and more unlikely. T-Mobile officially launched the G1 a mere 3 months ago amidst a mediocre reception and less than stellar reviews. So it would seem very unlikely that they'd rush out the new model potentially creating friction with supporters.

Cell Phone Signal created a lot of buzz when the story first appeared, but it looks like this is nothing more than a case of slightly overzealous reporting. Several sites including the Android Community and The Boy Genius Report refute the report claiming some of the details might be correct but the speculated release date is all wrong.

Cell Phone Signal claims that most if not all of the features from the Android "cupcake" development branch will be included in the new phone. The cupcake branch was a private development working on their own Android projects, they have since been incorporated into the master project. So that part of the rumor may in fact be true.

The reported device feature list includes:
    The new Android OS
    3G capability
    Full Touch Screen support
    Enterprise Capable
    WiFi capability ( no word about UMA)
    5 Megapixel camera with aoutofocus and flash
    Address Book
    EDGE and GPRS
    New Games
    Instant Messaging
    Megatones, HI-Fi tones and wallpapers
    Memory card Slot ( up to 16GB)
    Mobile Backup
    Music and Video Player
    Phone Book
    Photo Caller ID
    Picture Messaging
    Real web browsing
    Speed dial
    Stereo Bluetooth connectivity
    Sync with PC ( better than air sync)
    Task list
    USB interface
    Video capture and playback
    Video Messaging
    Voice Dialing
    myFaves capable and T-Zones

BGR says that their sources confirm many of these features will be added. Adding that the device is a full touch device and there is no physical QWERTY keyboard and there is still a trackball at the bottom. BGR speculates the G2 won't be available until April, which would seem to be a much more likely scenario.

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