Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guardian's 100 Top Sites For 2009

British news site has released a great compilation of their picks for the 100 top sites for the year ahead. The sites are broken down into several categories including, music, news recommendation (digg, reddit ect), gaming, maps, offbeat, browsers, social networking and blogging.

For you Twitter fans there is even a Twitter specific category featuring, which allows you to watch keywords on Twitter,, the popular Twitter ranking site and, a very useful tool for us bloggers that allows you to send blog posts to your Twitter account.

The list mainly features well know sites that you more than likely have bookmarked already. I think there are one or two sites that I haven't heard of or at least tried once or twice. Like me you might be a bit surprised by some of the selections, or should I say lack of selections. I was surprised Twitter warranted it's own category, but agree with most of the selections. I was also a little surprised by their "rough ranking" of a few sites or services.

There are 8 video sites listed, YouTube, Vimeo and Joost all make the grade there. Many of you might notice Hulu will oddly be absent, but Hulu is a US only site and since this is a UK site they didn't list it. I'm a little surprised there are only 2 blogging sites listed - and For browsers they seemingly list every popular option, not deciding on just a couple, and oddly list Chrome at the top. I can't say I agree with that recommendation.

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