Thursday, December 18, 2008

Will Microsoft Give Away Free Versions Of Windows 7 & Office 14

A few years ago Microsoft ran a great promotion though a site called The site offered a free chance to receive Windows Vista Business Edition as well as Office Professional 2007 for viewing webcasts and participating in virtual labs.

The promotion was, at least in my mind, a big hit. The site was flooded with people trying to get in to get their chance at free versions of the new software. Last year Microsoft held another similar promotions through the Windows Feedback Program. Users this time had to download a piece of software that monitored your computer usage as well as participate in a few surveys from time to time.

So I'm wondering if Microsoft will be nice enough to hold a similar promotion once they've released Windows 7 and Office 14. Both programs were great for me, I probably wouldn't be running Vista today if I hadn't received my free copy. And I know for a fact I wouldn't use Office 2007 if it wasn't free, that new UI is not to my liking.

So how about it Microsoft, are you guys going to give us a chance to earn some more freebies?

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