Friday, December 12, 2008

Intel Completes Next Generation, 32nm Process Development Phase

intel logoIntel might have just introduced out their new 45nm Nehalem processors but that isn't stopping them from looking further down the road and shrinking their CPU dies even further. Intel said Wednesday that it has taken its 32-nm manufacturing technology out of the development stage and is prepping it for full production. (view full press release)

If Intel's timeline is correct and completed on schedule, we could see a shift to Intel's 32-nm chips in the fourth quarter 2009. The first processors introduced would reportedly be part of the "Westmere" line of microprocessors.

Finishing the development phase for the company's 32nm process technology and production readiness in this timeframe means that Intel remains on pace with its ambitious product and manufacturing cadence referred to as the company's "tick-tock" strategy.

That plan revolves around introducing an entirely new processor microarchitecture alternating with a cutting edge manufacturing process about every 12 months, an effort unmatched in the industry. Producing 32nm chips next year would mark the fourth consecutive year Intel has met its goal.

According to Intel's "tick tock" strategy they plan to release two 32nm cpu lines, "Westmere" in 2009 and later "Sandy Bridge" in 2010. With yet another die shrink in 2011. For more on Intel's 32nm line and all the latest updates directly from Intel check out the Intel 32nm Logic Technology page.

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