Wednesday, December 03, 2008

MacWorld's Eddy Winners

MacWorld's 24th annual Editors’ Choice Awards were announced today. The list is comprised of 20 products that were shipped between November 1, 2007 and November 1, 2008.

  1. Eddy Winner: Nikon D300 digital camera
    This Editors’ Choice Award winner is a serious camera for serious DSLR enthusiasts.

  2. Eddy Winner: JamVox
    Vox thought of nearly every aspect of what a Mac-using guitarist would want in amp-modeling software and then delivered it with JamVox.

  3. Eddy Winner: Hulu
    This online video service is reliable, easy-to-use, and, thanks to major improvements, an Editors’ Choice Award winner.

  4. Eddy Winner: Kodak Zi6 HD mini camcorder
    This Eddy Award-winning camcorder shoots good-looking video at 720p resolution—and its price tag is less than $200.

  5. Eddy Winner: Ableton Live 7
    Live has always been a capable application, and now the audio application from Ableton is even more so thanks to new features in version 7.

  6. Eddy Winner: NEC MultiSync 3090WQXi display
    For color pros who want a large canvas but don’t want to sacrifice color accuracy and performance, the NEC MultiSync 3090WQXi sets a new standard for big displays.

  7. Eddy Winner: Airfoil 3.1
    This Editors’ Choice Award winner unshackles you from iTunes so you can send audio from any application on your Mac to your remote speakers.

  8. Eddy Winner: ScreenFlow 1.0.2
    If you need to record what’s happening on your Mac’s screen, this Eddy Award winner is the best tool for the job.

  9. Eddy Winner: VMware Fusion 2
    If you want to run Windows, Linux, or other operating systems on your Intel-powered Mac, there’s no better choice than VMware Fusion 2.

  10. Eddy Winner: BusySync 2.1.6
    BusySync doesn’t quite get us all the way to calendar heaven, but it brought us a darn sight closer than Leopard did this year.

  11. Eddy Winner: AppleJack 1.5
    If your Mac starts misbehaving, this Eddy Award winner is the tool you need for tackling troubleshooting.

  12. Eddy Winner: Canon EOS Rebel XSi digital camera
    Canon continues to redefine the digital SLR market with the EOS REbel XSi, a winner of our Editors’ Choice Award for 2008.

  13. Eddy Winner: Freeway 5 Pro
    This Eddy Award-winning Web publishing tool lets you get professional-looking results without any of the hand-coding that Web pros rely on.

  14. Eddy Winner: Canon Pixma MX850 multifunction printer
    The Pixma MX850 from Canon offers everything you’d want in a multifunction device.

  15. Eddy Winner: CSSEdit 2.6
    CSSEdit may be a specialized tool, but this Editors’ Choice selection belongs in any Web designer’s tool kit.

  16. Eddy Winner: Flock 2.0
    It’s a Web 2.0 world, and Flock 2.0 has established itself as the browser of choice for people who actively participate in the increasingly social Net.

  17. Eddy Winner: Photoshop Lightroom 2
    The first version of Lightroom was a solid update when it came out in 2007, but this Eddy Award-winning update is even better.

  18. Eddy Winner: iPhone 2.1 software update
    Apple delivered new versions of the iPhone and iPod touch this year, but it was the software update that captured our Editors’ Choice Award.

  19. Eddy Winner: Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition keyboard
    People have been waiting for a Mac-compatible version of Logitech’s acclaimed diNovo Edge keyboard since the Windows model was released back in 2006. They finally got it in 2008.

  20. Eddy Winner: Epson Stylus Photo R1900 inkjet printer
    Epson’s Eddy Award-winning inkjet produces the best glossy photos we’ve seen from any printer priced under $1,000.

It is good to see two of our personal favorites listed, Hulu and Flock. Being comprised of Mac gear and products its not surprising to see several other items missing but it is a bit surprising to see two high end digital cameras on the list.

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