Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Rumor: Windows 7 Beta Available In January

Windows fans wanting to get their hands on the first release of Windows 7 Beta 1 might want to checkout the MSDN Developers Conference. According to the MSDN Developer Conference website "All attendees will receive a Windows 7 Beta 1 DVD."

Keith Combs confirmed the information in a blog posting on Microsoft's Technet site. Later adding, "My understanding is that the DVD will not be ready for the first few show dates but will be mailed to each attendee. We are targeting to have the DVD's in the materials from 1/13/2009 on. So I would imagine the folks attending the Houston, Orlando and Atlanta shows this month will receive their DVD's around mid January as well. That's an assumption on my part. Could be earlier or later, but they will get them. Make sure you Microsoft profile has the correct address. Might come in handy for this event."

This was confirmed later on Twitter with a tweet stating "All MDC attendees will receive a Windows 7 Beta 1 DVD! For events scheduled for December, DVDs will be mailed after the event."

In late October Microsoft handed out alpha editions of Windows 7 to developers who attended the Professional Developers Conference (PDC). The company confirmed at that time it would expand testing to the general public by releasing a beta version in early 2009. Microsoft has not publicly confirmed the Jan. 13 date or provide more information about the beta it has promised MDC attendees.

Unfortunately the closest MDC for us is the last one on Feb. 19th in San Fransisco. By then the beta would hopefully be made public or at the very least will be available via torrent. The $99 attendance fee might well be worth it however, if not for the Windows 7 beta then for the other cool giveaways.

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