Monday, February 23, 2009

Best Buy Selling $99 iPhones To Premier Silver Reward Zone Members

Best Buy Premier Silver Reward Zone members, customers that have spent more than $2500 at their local Best Buy over the last year, are now eligible to purchase a $99 8GB iPhone. The exclusive deal officially made its way to the Best Buy site yesterday and is available through Saturday the 28th.

Premier Silver Reward Zone members have their choice of a new, not refurbished as in previous offers, 8 or 16 GB iPhone for either $99 or $199. So that regular Reward Zones customers don't feel left out Best Buy is offering them 8 and 16 GB iPhones for $149 and $249 respectively.

There are of course restrictions to the offer, you must have been a Reward Zone program member on or before 2/21/09. The phones are available in store only through Saturday, 2/28/09 and I believe you'll likely be charged tax on the original listed price which is $599.99 for the 8GB iPhone. The other big catch for the deal, both new an existing AT&T customers must activate the phone on a new 2-year contract.

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