Thursday, February 12, 2009

Newest Windows 7 Build Leaks To Torrent Sites

A new build of Windows 7 has reached the web and is now finding it's way onto computers via torrent.

Windows 7 Build 7022, officially titled 7022.winmain.090115-1850, which indicates that it was created on January 15th, 2009 is a follow up release to the official Windows 7 Beta which is build 7000. According to comments on popular torrent sites like the Pirate Bay and Demonoid the new release features several minor improvements.

Some of those improvements include:
  • Internet Explorer 8 RC1
  • New icons
  • New animation effects for Windows Sidebar which is now the Windows Desktop Gallery with new icons
  • Changes to Paint
  • MP3 fix included
  • Desktop Gadgets work properly with UAC Disabled
  • Improvements in overall stability

Because of the timing of the original release the Windows 7 beta included an interim edition of IE8. The version was listed as being a test version somewhere between the Beta 2 and the later RC1. One of the other fixes listed was a fix for a flaw found in n the original beta release. In that release Microsoft discovered an MP3 corruption issue that had since been patched.

Users over at Demonoid noted several other possible changes, these are not confirmed.

  • Faster search in startmenu, instant.
  • General higher stability in OS
  • New animations when moving between things in Windows Explorer
  • The transition\fade effect when you change wallpaper is new and pretty cool!
  • the color of the task pane has changed from blue to white.
  • Default UAC is the third level - Don't notify me when I make changes (same as build 7000)
  • New Jump List with some cool options
  • New default color scheme on Aero and taskbar
  • New icon for home group
  • Fixes to WMP 12
I have yet to try the new build and can not confirm any of the new changes at this time. With Microsoft officially pulling the Windows 7 beta download these new builds are likely to be very popular downloads. A few of the sites has more than 1,000 seeders and as many as 3,500 leechers.

According to those that have downloaded the builds the product keys given out by MS will work so the OS should be usable until Aug.

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