Monday, February 02, 2009

Hitachi StarBoards Expand Curriculum Tools and Educational Content Through RM Easiteach Partnership

Hitachi integrates its FXDUO interactive whiteboard with RM Easiteach’s educational content and curriculum toolbars. Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. today announced a partnership with RM Education in an effort to offer more curriculum tools and educational content for its StarBoard FXDUO interactive whiteboards.

RM Easiteach software is now being included free of charge with the purchase of any Hitachi FXDUO whiteboard. The purpose of this combination is to expand Hitachi’s existing library of educator resources with RM Easiteach’s signature toolbars for math, language arts, science, and social studies. The toolbars are designed by education experts to present familiar teaching concepts through the touch interaction provided by the StarBoard FXDUO interactive whiteboards.

“I am delighted to announce a partnership between RM Education and Hitachi Software. With the introduction of the Starboard FXDUO, Hitachi is driving enhancements in whiteboards that reflect the way our digital natives learn. The inclusion of RM Easiteach with these StarBoards means that schools will see the value of the technology much sooner through curriculum driven toolbars that maximize interactivity,” stated Kevin Pawsey, International Managing Director for RM Education

RM Easiteach is rapidly becoming the most popular interactive whiteboard curriculum solution with a 150,000 plus user base, and an online resource community that also allows non-RM Easiteach users to download and share lessons on the RM Education website, a similar value and vision that Hitachi Software supports with their StarBoard resource center. The company’s wide teacher acceptance and long participation in the education community are the key drivers for Hitachi Software’s decision to partner with RM Education.

“This partnership is the result of listening to feedback from our customers, and our commitment to enhance the learning experience with Hitachi interactive whiteboards,” stated Ray Soltys, Director of Sales for Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc. Business Group.

The official kick-off for the FXDUO and RM Easiteach combination will occur at the TCEA show in Austin, TX. For more information on this partnership and live demonstrations please visit the Troxell Communications booth.

StarBoard FXDUO Multi-touch Interactive Whiteboard
The StarBoard FXDUO offers 21st century classrooms the next generation of interactive whiteboards by allowing up to two points of contact and multi-touch gestures for a new and exciting way to interact with your classroom computer and lessons. Now two students can collaborate on the board together, or a teacher can explore a map by zooming into specific areas by simply spreading their two fingers apart. All electronics on the FXDUO are contained in a replaceable component covered under a five-year warranty. This provides an electronic-free surface for more durable use, as the board remains fully operational even with minor scratches or dents.

Features & Benefits

  • Control using multi-touch hand gestures for a natural interface
  • No special pens required: Use your finger, electronic pen (optional) , or any object
  • Have two students working at the same time
  • Electronic-free surface can work with damage
  • No hot spot, keeps the eyes of students and teachers safe
  • 14 customizable side buttons for quick and easy use without navigating software
  • Place magnets on the surface to display student work or paper charts when board is off.
  • All electronics are contained in a replaceable component covered under a 5 year warranty

Multi-touch: Designed with Teachers and Students in Mind

The ability to use two hands naturally creates a whole new interface for whiteboards and computers in the classroom. For example, a teacher can bring a static diagram of a plant cell to life by zooming into detailed areas -- just by spreading his or her two fingers apart, marking it up with vibrant inks, and then linking it to a free flash simulation on the internet.

The complete interactive StarBoard Software is included with every FX Series whiteboard with access to the following free resources for all StarBoard users.

Benefits of RM Easiteach
  • Works on all Interactive Technologies such as Interactive Whiteboards, Wireless Bluetooth and RF Slates/Pads, Twain Document Cameras, Pupils Voting/Response/Clicker Systems and Projectors.
  • Pulls together all the technology in your school/district reducing training time required on existing and when new technologies are introduced. Less training time, increases usage of technology and districts see a higher return on their hardware investment.
  • Curriculum Focused Interactive Toolbars provide classroom teachers with a focused set of interactive tools that are dynamic, flexible, customizable and relevant for Math, ELA, Science and Social Sciences. Interactive Resources and Tools designed by teachers for teachers to encourage everyday usage of interactive technologies.
  • K-12 State Aligned Content available that has been designed to utilize the technology to teach difficult concepts and skills. Content that is truly interactive and is not just 'flat' powerpoint style slides. High Quality Flash based lessons provide engaging and motivating lessons for both teacher and student alike
  • Leading Interactive Technology companies such as Compu-trac, Dukane, eInstruction, Julong, Mimio, Numonics, Polyvision, Panasonic and Teamboard include RM Easiteach as Standard to provide teachers with leading interactive tools and resources. If you have any of the above devices, please CLICK HERE for details on how to increase the flexibility of RM Easiteach and expand your interactive Content.
  • Purchase RM Easiteach for your Smart board, Promethean or Interwrite Board for $50 (MSRP $199) to provide a common platform for your school district. Just send in your existing driver CD to receive this competitive upgrade.
  • Join over 100,000 RM Easiteach users in the US to help increase motivation and attaintment in your school district.
Source: Hitachi Press Release

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