Friday, February 27, 2009

We'll be offline for the weekend

As I'm still having issues with our DNS settings, email and now our RSS feed I've decided to take the blog offline for a day or two to work on it. With a little help and a little luck we'll have the blog back up and running before the end of the weekend.

I'm sure during the weekend many of you have noticed the blog keeps bouncing around from a 404 to working. This is due to changes made in our DNS profiles, I'm fully aware of the issue, and would like to thank those of you that have emailed me in regards to the problem. Right now we are working to get everything working correctly.

If you were redirected from a specific page and don't want to search for it you can paste the address adding in the "www" before Part of our DNS issues are the lack of a redirect to/from the naked domain. The pages are still there they just aren't being redirected correctly.

Thanks everyone for the continued support!

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