Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rumor: Palm Pre Might Launch As Early As March 15th

palm pre logoThe Palm Pre is definitely one of the most anticipated new smarthphones of 2009. Since its debut at CES everyone have been drooling over the new phone and eagerly awaiting its release. Well according to the Boy Genius Report (BGR) you might not have to wait too much longer.

The site has reportedly got their hands on Sprint's latest End of Life (EOL) list. This list features the EOL dates representing the target death of the EOL handset (in the warehouse, existing store inventory will still be sold) and the target in stock-date at Sprint’s warehouses for its replacement.

The sheet shows a target in-stock date of 3/15 for the Palm Pre which will be replacing the Palm 755P which has a projected EOL in late May.

BGR says, "This could indeed put the Pre launch on or around 3/15, but we wouldn’t bet on it. Sprint wants to move their stock of Treo 755Ps before they get to the Pre, and if we were a betting bunch, we’d peg the Pre release closer to May/Early June than Mid-March. "

BGR is usually pretty accurate with their predictions, May/June might sound a little far off considering the anticipation factor for the Pre. But a late May release would make sense, hitting shelves just in time for the Memorial Day holiday.

Here is the full list as reported by BGR:

Device Name - Projected Warehouse EOL - Replacement (if available)

  • Sierra Compass 597 USB - Early February - Sierra 598 USB
  • Motorola ic602 - Early February
  • LG 160 - Mid-February - Samsung M220
  • LG Rumor (blue) - Mid February - LG 265 Rumor II (target in-stock 2/15)
  • Motorola i325IS - Mid February - Motorola i365IS
  • LG Rumor (green) - Mid March - LG 265 Rumor II (target in-stock 2/15)
  • Franklin Wireless U680 USB - Early April
  • Palm 800W - April - Palm Treo Pro (target in-stock 2/15)
  • LG Rumor (black) - Mid April - LG 265 Rumor II (target in-stock 2/15)
  • Motorola i615 - Mid April
  • Samsung M520 Lumina - Mid April - LG LX370 (slider)
  • RIM BlackBerry Pearl (red) - May
  • LG LX400 - Late May
  • Palm 755P (blue) - Late May - Palm Pre (target in-stock 3/15)
  • Sanyo 6750 Eclipse (pink) - June
  • Palm Centro (berry) - June
  • Motorola Q9C - Mid June
  • Sierra 597E - July - Sierra 2-in-1 Aircard
  • Palm Centro (green) - July
  • Palm Centro refresh (black) - July
  • Motorola VE20 - July
  • HTC Touch Diamond - July
  • RIM BlackBerry 7100i - August - RIM BlackBerry 8350i
There is still no word yet on pricing for the Pre however rumors we reported on last month suggest the Pre might be sold exclusively at Best Buy and could potentially be priced as low as $399 for an unsubsidized phone, and between $149 and $199 for a subsidized phone.

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