Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Google Gets Back To Basics With Toolbar Beta 6

Calling Google's toolbar a beta seems a bit odd, then again we know all to well that how Google has redefined the beta tag, today the company announced the release of the Google Toolbar version 6 beta. The newest release of the popular toolbar moves the focus away from gadgets and returns to a more simpler design focused on search and navigation.

With version 6 Google has introduced the Quick Search Box (QSB) feature that provides search functionality outside of the browser, instead sticking a Google logo in the taskbar. Clicking the logo will trigger a new desktop search box, which allows you to easily search the web, navigate to webpages, and open applications you have installed on your computer.

In addition to the QSB Google has added the new Google tab page. The feature is similar to the start page from Google Chrome and identical to the feature debuted for the FireFox toolbar a few weeks ago. From the new page you can quickly access your most viewed sites, recently closed tabs and bookmarked pages.

From more on the newest features added to the Toolbar beta checkout the features page as well as Google's blog post.

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