Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Say Goodbye To Unknown Callers With TrapCall

Say goodbye to those annoying anonymous calls with TrapCall, a new service that launched today. TrapCall unmasks those unknown callers allowing you to see who is calling even if the number is caller id blocked.

TrapCall comes from the same guys that offer the SpoofCard Caller ID spoofing service. This new service uses a little know loop hole in the caller id blocking service. Calls to toll-free numbers are not blocked, because those calls are paid for by the recipient so TrapCall loops your incoming calls through an 800 number, finds the callers details and then loops the call back out to your phone.

TeapCall currently offers three service levels, the most basic is the free service which provides basic caller id unmasking as well as a black list for unwanted callers. Then there are the two paid services the $10/mo mouse trap plan which provides the basic service along with voicemail transcription you get your voicemail via sms, missed call alerts, free support and caller id name which gives you the callers name via caller id and sms. The $24.95 bear trap service combines all these features as well as providing a full billing name and address of the incoming calls and the ability to record your live conversations.

Currently TrapCall is only available to AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers, with support for the other major carriers due within weeks, says TelTech president Meir Cohen.

For more details checkout this great article on Wired.com you can also checkout TrapCall on Twitter @Trapcall

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