Monday, February 23, 2009

Comcast Taking OnDemand Online

Comcast Corp. is reportedly looking at options that would expand many of the companies cable television services to online subscribers. "OnDemand Online," as it is reportedly being called, would work just like the normal Comcast OnDemand service, allowing users to watch some of their favorite shows directly from the web at no additional cost.

Comcast customers would be able to stream videos, movies, music and possible more directly to your PC, however according to comments on Business insider users using the service would see the bandwidth count against Comcast's 250 GB bandwidth cap just like any other internet based video service.

According to the Wall Street Journal both Comcast has been in discussions with network owners Viacom Inc., Time Warner Inc. and General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal, among others. These companies own such prominent networks as USA, TNT and MTV.

My take:
I have nothing against what Comcast is trying to do afterall recieveing more services for my money would be a great thing. The problem I see here is that this is likely to be a bundled service where as you have to have both Comcast cable and Comcast internet to use it. So the question would seem to be why would I want to use OnDemand Online if I already have it on my TV?

Outside of watching a movie from time to time I rarely use Comcast's current service. I find there aren't enough of the shows I like to watch on there and the ones I do want to watch aren't free. So I either visit or wait for the show to show up on the networks site. If Comcast sticks with their current offerings then sadly I'd see no benefit for the service.

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