Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama Puts Renewable Energies To The Forefront

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The nearly $900 billion stimulus plan is aimed at driving the world’s largest economy from disaster back to recovery. While the stimulus will help bail the auto, tech, housing, and banking industries, it will also push towards renewable energies.

President Barack Obama and his administration have plans to modernize the nation’s power network; a central piece of this large stimulus bill. Alternative energy development and research will help create thousands of jobs through the Department of Energy. The stimulus package has set aside a whopping $11 billion to help finance the installation of 3000 miles of transmission lines. These lines will carry renewable energy to population centers and 40 million smart electric meters in houses.

The electricity grid is finally entering the digital age. Katherine Hamilton, head of the GridWise Alliance, says that, “It’s like the Internet for the energy economy.”

The $11 billion spending package will be distributed to improve power lines, to energy renewal programs, and to research and development. The bailout package will also support broad plans for electric vehicles and road improvements. Two billion dollars will be devoted to “Advanced Battery Loans and Grants,” to help EV batteries currently in testing, make it to the market. Grants will also be set aside for electric vehicle development.

A sweeping approach to include renewables is a way for the Obama administration to quickly move forward in setting energy efficiency standards. The Bush administration missed all of the 34 deadlines set by Congress, according to the Government Accountability office. Now is the time to catch up. It is hopeful when people are discussing global warming issues, CO2 implications relating to the internet, alternative energies, and stricter emission standards, that the US will be able to enforce and create strong legislation for energy.

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