Monday, February 09, 2009

Got Extra DTV Coupons Pass Them Along To Someone In Need

Did you order a DTV converter coupon from the government that you don't need? Maybe you asked for two and only ended up using one. I know several people mistakenly ordered coupons only to find out they either already had digital tuners in their TVs or that because they are using cable television they won't need a new converter box. Still more people were confused on whether or not they needed one and order then just in case.

For those of you that might be sitting on extra coupons there are a few easy ways to pass them along to people in need.

Retrevo, has started a Good Neighbor Coupon Exchange program for DTV vouchers. The Retrevo system is pretty easy and very straightforward. If you are looking for a DTV voucher, fill in the I need form. If you've already got a voucher and want to give it away to someone in need make sure that it hasn't reached its 90-day expiration date and fill in the donor form. The system will match people based on zip codes and will hook you up with someone to whom you can mail the coupons, or who will pick them up, if you're comfortable with that.

Another popular option is The Freecycle Network. Freecycle is a collection of Yahoo Groups where individuals post items they either have or need. If you are in need of a DTV voucher you've find the group nearest you and essentially post a Wanted ad. If someone from the group has an extra voucher they in turn would contact you. If you've got an extra coupon and would like to give it away, you'd find your local group and post an offer ad. Offering up your coupon to someone in need.

A third option would be posting and ad on your local Craigslist. Every city featured on Craigslist has a free section in which you can often times find people posting extra vouchers. For those of you that have an extra you can post there, or browse the wanted sections to perhaps find someone that is in need.

To date the government has issued 47.6 million DTV coupons, roughly 23 million of those coupons have been redeemed while 14 million have expired. That means there are currently somewhere near 10 million coupons out there that have been unused. On top of that the government currently has a waiting list of 3.7 million applicants. If we can get a fraction of those unused coupons into the hands of the people that need them then maybe we can stop the government from adding on additional tax payer dollars.

Nielsen ratings estimates that only about 6.5 million households are still completely unprepared for the DTV transition. That means with the 10 million coupons in circulation we should have more than enough to cover everyone that actually needs one.

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