Sunday, February 01, 2009

This Years Superbowl Ads, Hit Or Miss?

In past years I've found myself watching the Superbowl more for the ads that the game. Not because I'm not a fan, frankly more because the games have been boring and the ads are more entertaining. This year however I found myself a bit disappointed. I felt most of the ads were not "Superbowl quality". Meaning they were the highly entertaining ads I'm use to seeing during the game.

Don't get me wrong there were some great ads. The highlight by far being the ad for the new Transformers movie, Transfomers : Revenge of the Fallen. The movie is due out 6/26/09 and looks like a must see!

The other highlight of course would be Denny's Free Grand Slam offer. Everyone likes free food, the Denny's site is being hit hard by traffic so I'd say that ad was a hit. For those that missed it Denny's is giving away free Grand Slams Feb 3 from 6am to 2pm at participating restaurants.

The commercial with one office have a moose head and the other having the moose's rump was pretty funny. GoDaddy and their sexed up ads were ok, you really had to visit the site to get the best of that deal. But that was about it.

The big guys like Budweiser and Pepsi had less than impressive ads. The aforementioned Denny's ads weren't impressive on their own, the free food really saved them. In my opinion the worst ad by far had to be Career Builder and their It's Time ad. The repetitive scenes killed what could have been a decent ad.

Overall I think the entire game was a hit. In my opinion the ads this year were a big miss but luckily the game this year was good so you balance it all out. With the exception of that last play you couldn't ask for a better ending. The halftime show was decent, with an aging singer like Bruce Springsteen and E street band doing a good job. The pregame in my opinion was just ok. I think Faith Hill's singing of America the Beautiful was better than Jennifer Hudson's singing of the National Anthem. But I'll still give the experience an overall rating of "hit".

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